Sunday, 2 September 2012

Roz Shoot 2: Bath

We took a trip to Bath on the second day. I wore my Mulberry trench coat because when we left it was grey, so I reckoned the weather would stay like that - boy was I wrong. It was the hottest day I think we probably had all year, so unfortunately the trench spent most of the day slung over my arm.

For this shoot it was so unbelievably hot that we couldn't stay in the sun too long. I couldn't understand how Roz was able to jump and run about for the camera in the heat. I was only crouched on the floor for a short while until I said, 'to the shade!' and we joined many other families under the shade in an island of trees.

Most of our day was spent walking around. We visited various shops, pushing past great waves of tourists. We ate a wonderful lunch whilst looking out on the river and witnessing a wedding party moving onto a small ferry as they were sung off by three women dressed as lollipop ladies. ...No, I wasn't hallucinating. 

On our travels around Bath we visited an amazing vintage and antiques market, witnessed the biggest array of hats squashed into the smallest of shops and visited a fascinating hands-on exhibition by the astounding Robert Race

Again, modeled and styled by Rosalind Jana.


  1. Beautiful photos - the jumping shot is particularly wonderful.