Monday, 30 April 2012

Snapshots To Keep You Happy

Have no fear everyone, there will be shoots coming up. I've got so many plans and projects currently brewing - its all just about time now. I don't seem to have so much of it at the moment. Give me a month or two and I'll be free and easy to shoot whatever I want. ...In photography terms of course. I've got two ideas which I'm toying with at the moment so hopefully it shouldn't be too long. Just need to find the right models...
As for these little photographs - the last one was taken in the evening as it was growing dark. It was in a barn and there were cows there which I was also going to photograph... but as I got closer they started to approach me and I got scared and jumped to the conclusion that they would break out of their containment. Yeah, I know. Bovine fear.
The first two shots were actually taken out of a steamy, moving car window whilst roaming the english countryside. I think they look quite dream-like.

Patience my friends.

Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Celestial Dome

What’s with the fancy name? I read on Wiki that this is what the sky is also referred to as.

So, as you should know by now, I have a thing for the weather. Whether it’s rainy or shine, I’ve always got some comment to make on it (You would obviously expect nothing less from a proper, British lass). 

At this moment in time have become particularly interested in clouds, hence these shots. These were both taken on the same day at different times. Not too certain on the first shots but I know that the second lot were taken at eight in the evening. The most fantastic thing about it was that when I was taking the pictures, I could wait a couple of minutes and suddenly the sky would have changed and the clouds rearranged. With the sunset clouds, every second they were turning more and more dark pink as the evening drew to a close.

Forget TV, I've got my entertainment right out there!

I actually find the clouds within the shots a little reminiscent of the clouds in Disney's Hercules.

Tuesday, 10 April 2012

Overgrown Beauty

Literally just got back from a week in Devon with my mini model where we went before in The Sunny Field post. However, this time the weather was horribly temperamental. Sun, warm, clouds, freezing, rain, rain and more rain. I was hoping to take a couple of new shots in the field from last time but unfortunately the crop had been gathered and all that was left was a large expanse of mushy dirt. So instead, we went with the weather and decided on a more overcast theme. 

It may not look like it but these three shots are collections from shoots done on three different days in three different locations. On the first day, the 1st and 3rd shots were taken during freezing cold, rainy weather. I do feel sorry for my mini model as I put her through a lot, but if she makes the pictures look good, thats fine. We had gone up to 'the feild' to have a look round but as the rain began to come down we were forced to run back. as we ran though, I grabbed out my camera, shielding it from the rain as I shouted to my  mini model - 'Quick! Stand over there!' or 'Hang off of that!' or 'Go down that ditch!' We were frozen half to death when we got back.

2nd 5th and 6th were taken on the second day in a beautiful piece of woodland - One of my most favourite places to go. There are beautiful little streams running throughout, bluebells readying to emerge and we even spotted a dear! A little haven in my view. Only thing wrong with it is that you have to walk down an incredibly steep hill to get to it which seems to drag on forever.  Fine going down, not so much coming back up. Oh yes, and as I found out on the trek back up (thanks to a sigh on a tree) - the piece of land was actually private. Terribly sorry for trespassing!

As is typical for english country weather, I thought we would go with wellies and coat for the shots. Both items of clothing belong to the mini model - I absolutely love her little black duffle coat, I believe she found it in a charity shop.