Tuesday, 28 June 2011

D-Day Celebrations, Normandy

This was an interesting day. Thank god for long zooms though!

Whilst in Normandy (France) it was nearing the anniversary of the D-day Normandy Landings and so we decided to go along to the celebrations. We drove around the french motorways and countryside for about an hour and a half until finally we found our destination. We had been told that proceedings started at four. They in fact, began at the leisurely time of half six.

Waiting around in the boiling hot sun for two and a half hours was not fun. However, watching the people dance to old jazz music whilst we waited, was. The old war veterans got up to dance with the young and pretty ladies, dressed in 1920's gear.

I was all the way across the other side of the square from these dancers, but thank god for the extra-long camera zoom otherwise I would never of been able to document this event.

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