Monday, 14 April 2014

Summer Begins

So I realised recently that I hadn't done any shoots for myself since the Peaky Blinders one in February! It was about time to do something new. So, I called in my lovely model Bala Piti (used previously in THIS and THIS shoot) as we hadn't done a shoot since October 2013 - had it really been that long?! This was a very quickly put together, so I had no item of clothing, no setting, not even any general inspiration. 

However, because I had already done quite a few urban-styled shoots with the model before, I knew that I wanted to just take some very beautiful shots instead, and include the many flowers that had recently bloomed. 

Very, very luckily, through all the rain we'd been having (this is England after all), we managed to get one, absolutely stunningly warm, sunny day! We simply couldn't have asked for better weather.

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The dress used is from American Apparel and the flowers in shot six are from Lisa Elliot.