Sunday, 13 May 2012

Mulberry Trench Shoot

The infamous trench coat. How did I get it? Good question. This is precisely why I love charity shops so much. Someone out there obviously had too much money and decided to give it to the charity shop who then sold it on for £50! Looked up the retail price which is £500 starting bid! Ah! However, I'm not planning to sell it on just yet, its too comfy to let go!

So, weeks and weeks of rain and yet the day we had planned to do the shoot on was fabulously sunny! What are the chances? Fantastic. The lighting was beautiful, although I was ruthlessly forcing my model to look into the sunlight, she did not complain.

This is a bit of a turning point I guess because the blog has reached 20,000 views! Pop the champagne!

The trench coat is Mulberry, the flag is from a beautiful designer/vintage shop called Jemima Rose (Constantly eyeing up the clothes in there!)
From the last shot (to illustrate the clothes): the aviator coat is the model's own from Topshop and the sunglasses are mine from Guess.
The model is also sister to the lovely model from 'The Attic' shoot

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  1. good photos! love the trench :)

  2. Great coat!

  3. omg thats so cool!
    I also bought mine at a charity shop and I absolutely love it!

  4. This trench is great!! And u look beautiful!

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