Thursday, 23 May 2013


The premiss for this shoot was rock-chick. I started by gathering up an album of inspiration images (a couple of which are shown below). I was planning the shoot a week in advance - preparation time - but the model said she was free the very next day so we threw everything together instead and shot then. Luckily we found some graffiti round the corner from me so we didn't have to go far. Plus, we actually got some sun. I know, right? Sun! As well as very strong wind which made the whole shoot that much more dramatic.

The outfit was made up of: My black pure leather jacket, Primark Leopard top, black wedges, black skirt and tights.

I feel like the only song thats going to describe the feel for this shoot is 'My Iron Lung' by Radiohead. Click HERE to listen. (Im not even a fan of Radiohead but I recently found this song and just thought it suited the theme perfectly. Great one to rock out to!)

Wednesday, 8 May 2013

Jaeger Black Dress

I Recently purchased a beautiful, pleated, vintage Jaeger dress from Clifton Vintage Boutique (I got an offer from the same shop to shoot some of her fantastic clothes - but more on that later). I Knew instantly which model I wanted for the shoot. Unfortunately, when we set out to the shoot, it was one of the coldest days ever! I mean freezing! I felt terribly sorry for the model but we plowed on, sharing my fur coat.

The model used, was of course, the lovely Tilly. Click here for details: