Thursday, 25 April 2013

Clifton Hill Costume & Textiles Launch Night

Big post today, but it is totally worth it!

I was recently invited to attend as one of the photographers for an event to launch the new Clifton Hill Costume And Textiles clothes shop. 

For the evening, there were seven different themed rooms - each styled in a different era. The eras were '20s, '30s, '40s, '50s, '60s, '70s and '80s. Within each era there were two models sporting the most fantastic clothes from that time. Each room you went into was like dropping into a scene from the past. It was wonderful! An hour before the guests started to arrive, me and the other photographers were given a chance to peruse the different rooms with our cameras, arranging the models how we wanted, sharing set-ups and so on.

As well as all this, there were two halls in the basement. One had a bar, and the other, a stage with live music surrounded by different vintage stalls. There were stalls for vintage jewelry, clothes, records, lace, oil cloth bags/items and vintage-inspired magazines. 

Later in the evening, a fashion show was hosted! Everyone crowded round the staging area which had a runway surrounded by vintage shoes with flowers planted in them! The models from earlier came down and paraded along the catwalk with different outfits, the music matching the era depicted.

The night itself was a massive success and everyone thoroughly enjoyed themselves! A huge congratulations and thanks to Sue Fyfe-Williams and Ali Cook of Jezebel Events for pulling the night off!

Shout out to The Marionettes and Pretty Nostalgic magazine who both featured in the event. I highly recommend them both so do take a look at their sites!

Monday, 15 April 2013

Magazine Mockups

So recently I have been experimenting with making up my own magazine/book covers with my photos.  I wanted to see what my photos would look like if they happened to get onto the front cover of a magazine (wishful thinking!). However, while making them I found that it was actually quite difficult to find a photo that had enough room for the title and other writing. I realize now that this is something I should take into consideration when shooting. 

The photos from mock-ups 1 & 4 are from a new shoot coming up next. Keep an eye out for the next post!

Links To Shoots From The Mockups:
1 - (Awaiting Post)
4 - (Awaiting Post)

Note: The title and other various names/websites included in the mockups have been made up. Any comparison to real life is purely coincidental.

Wednesday, 10 April 2013


Yes, Rosa Fay Photography is on Tumblr.

Just thought I'd pop up a quick half-post post before the next proper post. (That makes sense).
So if you like re-blogging good old mushy stuff, come and see my creations on Tumblr. These 'creations' are exclusive to my Tumblr as you won't see them anywhere else.
Do come and join me:

Next Proper Post: Rosa Fay does magazine mockups! Keep an eye out, its going to be awesome.

Sunday, 7 April 2013

For The Love Of A Princess (Light) 2/2

For the second theme of the shoot, there wasn't technically any idea behind it. Its just sort of... happened. 

This second half of the shoot was very fun! Mainly because whilst we shot, we chatted about spontaneously breaking into song (as I have mentioned before in THIS post). The songs ranged from You Raise Me Up when I was adjusting the height of the photographic light to Mirrors when we were experimenting with mirror shots, and as always - since its constantly stuck in my head - Don't wake me up... Just because.

The dress was actually a complete fluke (and this is why there wasn't technically any ideas behind the theme). The model was due to arrive in the afternoon, and I had popped out that morning to have a wonder around the charity shops. Whilst I was nosing around, I stumbled upon this 70s blue gown. I laughed when I first saw it because it seemed so over the top, and decided to try it on just for the fun. However, when I saw what it looked like on, I seriously started to consider using it in a shoot. In the end, I bought the dress for £5 - it made me late for meeting the model but it was worth it!

Pipe cleaner crown made by me. Dress from charity shop. Earrings were a present.