So before we get into the new shoots, I thought I should quickly just post this up. I recently entered the Shepton Mallet Digital Arts Festival hosted by Claire Sully. There where five categories and I entered three: Portrait, landscape and fashion. To be honest, I didn't expect to win the fashion category as there are so many great photographers out there so I was astounded when my name was called for the category. After the awards ceremony, we had a wonderful evening of chatting and (for some) dancing! I even had a chance to speak with the amazing Angela Williams who judged the photography competition. I learnt that back in the 1960s she assisted the legendary fashion and portrait photographer, Norman Parkinson!

Comment from Angela Williams: 
'Rosa's work I found very contemporary - typical of the shots for the fashion pages of young people - refreshing and self assured…'

Pictures Entered That Won The Category:


Links to shots: 1. (Click) 2. (Click) 3. (Click)

Receiving the award. (In my defense, the lady handing the award out was quite short).


A couple of weeks ago I heard about the Shepton Mallet Digital Festival where people were encouraged to send in entries into several categories that ranged from animations and short films to digital photography. I, of course, entered the photography category. For this, you could enter in three separate entries so I entered Birdman, Wild Study and one of my professional model, Roz. Yesterday I went for the award ceremonies, not feeling completely confident that I would win anything - as I never have before.

After the MC had given out the other awards for animations and short films (Fiction and non-fiction) he finally got to the digital photography. I was in two minds about this before he introduced the entrants. In one mind, I was completely ready to sit there and watch the photographers win their awards, and to appreciate them for their amazing work. And in the other mind, I was quickly working out a speech.

The first prize was given - very fairly I must say. Then my name was called. And then again. 
I have never won a prize before so to suddenly be given two medals for my efforts was amazing! 

Competition winner of an online twitter competition run by Paul Groom PhotographyCompetition Subject "Out of this World."