Thursday, 29 November 2012

Fashion Photography Award

So before we get into the new shoots, I thought I should quickly just post this up. I recently entered the Shepton Mallet Digital Arts Festival hosted by Claire Sully. There where five categories and I entered three: Portrait, landscape and fashion. To be honest, I didn't expect to win the fashion category as there are so many great photographers out there so I was astounded when my name was called for the category. After the awards ceremony, we had a wonderful evening of chatting and (for some) dancing! I even had a chance to speak with the amazing Angela Williams who judged the photography competition. I learnt that back in the 1960s she assisted the legendary fashion and portrait photographer, Norman Parkinson!

Comment from Angela Williams: 'Rosa's work I found very contemporary - typical of the shots for the fashion pages of young people - refreshing and self assured...'

Pictures Entered That Won The Category:

1. 2.3.

Links to shots: 1. (Click) 2. (Click) 3. (Click)

Receiving the award. (In my defense, the lady handing the award out was quite short).

Tuesday, 27 November 2012

Update! (Chocolate and B&Ws)

I am back! Very sorry that nothing has been happening for a while. I have currently been dealing with technical difficulties... and a cold. However! These difficulties have been over-passed and so finally I shall be able to get going on some more blog posts! *Cue audience clapping*.  I'v had pictures slowly stacking up back here, waiting to be shown. I shall have more autumn shots, Devon shots, london shots- but most importantly, a photo shoot I did for a chocolatier. Yes, you heard me correctly. If you love chocolate, then your going to adore this next post. Stay tuned!

In the mean time, here are a couple of shots from posts to come (am saving the shots from the chocolate shoot for the actual post):

Sunday, 18 November 2012

Sunday, 11 November 2012

The Runaway

Big post today!

This is the first of two posts. Watch out for the second one! This was a shoot that was planned not that long ago, using the model from (This) shoot. The initial idea behind it was of a girl, skipping school or running away from her dull home to be out and free. To explore the world without boundaries or restraints. To be free for a day. I've recently got into using Polyvore and decided that this was probably the best place to flesh out my ideas and inspiration so I made one based on the idea for the shoot. I also sent my creation (See bottom of page) to the model so she could get an idea of what the shoot would be like.

Its always a good sign that a shoot is going well when I start liking the shots straight away. Its quite rare for this to happen as it normally takes me a couple of sets before I start to properly like the shots. However, this was not the case. I knew from the star it was going to go well. Because of this, I began to be rather sporadic. We would be walking to a location and id suddenly cry 'Stop! Wait, go up there!' and we'd take some shots. This happened on more than one occasion. I'd say that we had finished a certain set so we'd pick up our things to go and suddenly I would say again 'Wait!' as I spotted another opportunity for more shots.

The weather was just right. I said from the beginning to the model that it wouldn't matter what weather it was. Rainy or sunny, it would be fine. Turns out we had both of thoes. One minute it would be grey and cloudy, then it would be bright sunlight, then it would be a short but strong shower of rain. Typical england!! 

For the location, we went to Castle Park. I had only seen the park briefly before so I was glad that I had managed to remember where it was because it turned out to be perfect for the shoot. Having never properly been there before, I also hadn't realised what a rough area it was. It might just be me being posh, but there were many people with phones blaring out rap music and a Rottweiler or two on a chain leash. At one point, we finished taking a particular set of shots and started walking to a different location. as we did so we heard a guy behind us, talking very loudly and swearing every other word. I at first thought he was on the phone but then quickly realised that this wasn't the case. We took a quick detour out of his way which actually turned out for the best as we found another place to take shots. ...God, I sound ridiculously posh- 'Perkins, fetch me my horse and carriage at once! I shall be dining with Lady Hogsworth this afternoon.'

When I got back from the shoot that afternoon, I went into my bag to look for something and my fist came back out with a load of sweets. I had bought the sweets before, to use in the shoot but had completely forgotten to bring them! Clever me. They all have to be eaten as well! All those sweets have to be eaten... Oh well, its a hard life!

The top used is from Topshop, bought via a charity shop. The rest of the outfit is the models.

In Other News: I attended the Shepton Mallet Digi Fest yesterday evening - a film and photography competition I had entered - and came back having won the award for fashion photography! Celebrations all round! More on this later.

~ My Polyvore Creation For The Shoot ~

The Runaway

Tuesday, 6 November 2012

Fireworks With A Difference

Its that time of year again.

Believe it or not, these are indeed fireworks. This was the first time that I had tried to photograph fireworks so I wanted to get it right. However, I couldn't find a setting where I could capture the fireworks exactly, so in the end, I just gave in and let the camera do what it may. Most of the light from the explosions disappeared as quickly as it appeared in reality but on the camera, it was captured as trails frozen in the sky, like the way you can write with the light trails of sparklers. I've actually forgotten what the original fireworks looked like as they have been captured in an abnormal and warped way, but I think this is a good thing. Gives a new spin on something original. That is what I'm all about!

In Other News: Hopefully I'll be getting a shoot underway soon. Always have shoots on my mind. The only thing getting in he way of actually doing it is weather and availability.