Thursday, 7 June 2012

Natural Forms

Went off to the countryside again with my mini model for a couple of days. The weather more or less kept up as we attempted to celebrate the queens jubilee. These are just shots from our time there, spread out over three days.

If your wondering what the second shot is, it was a pond we stumbled across in a lovely garden (More on that in the next post). The bottom of the pond was bright orange for some reason.

The last shot was taken out of a moving car window on the motorway. I find it very interesting to shoot in moving vehicles. I would encourage you to do the same (if you like photography) and experiment with this as it can turn out some very interesting results.


  1. Nice Photos Rosa, using you as insipration for photography project!

  2. wow! Rosa I am doing my photography corse work and I have used you as an inspiration! amazig work love it

  3. great photography work Rosa my inspiration for my photography project