Wednesday, 26 June 2013

Bright Eyes

Here is a portrait shoot I did with this lovely lady. I'd sort of known her previously although I had never really talked to her. However, I had always been interested in her beautiful eyes and bright blond hair.

Sunday, 2 June 2013

Clifton Vintage Boutique

1970's Leather & Faux Fur Coat

Lilian Fell Silk Shift & Duster Coat

Victorian Satin Cape

Victorian Beaded & Fringed Shoulders

1950's Pink Lace Prom Dress

My lovely model from THIS and THIS shoot emailed me recently offering us the chance to sample Clifton Vintage Boutique's clothing. Of course, I said yes immediately. As far I was concerned, this was a dream come true, as I have always loved this shop immensely. We where given the keys  to the shop for an afternoon whilst the owner was away. I arrived before the model so i had a chance to go through and pick out some outfits to shoot. I was literally like a kid in a sweetshop - so many beautiful things, it was difficult to decide!

We also got the chance to use the Sweetie Pie sweet shop as a setting for one of the outfits! (Shown in the last two shots)

All items shown here are for sale (apart from items mentioned below) and are all from Clifton Vintage Boutique. I highly recommend you visit the shop. If your like me, you will adore it!

The black trousers are the models own.
The hat and frilly white blouse are mine.
All three items are not for sale.