Monday, 29 October 2012

Autumn Leaves

Autumn leaves are falling down,
Yellow, red and golden brown.
Twirling, swirling to the ground.
Listen to their rustling sound.

So this is a song that we were forced to learn in primary school. We sung it so much that after all these years, I still remember it. I didn't even know that I still knew it. It just popped into my head today when I was taking pictures.

For some reason I've never really appreciated autumn. When my parents would say: 'Wow, look at the colour of those leaves!' I'd reply: 'Yes. It is a tree. Big woop.' Dying leaves, thats all. But now I can really see what they were talking about. Maybe its just because I have a camera, and therefore look at everything more closely with artistic eyes. But now I'm really seeing the colours and appreciating how amazingly beautiful the tree's get at this time of year. I seem to be appreciating this so much as of late, that the tables have quite turned. Now I say: 'Oh my god, look at the one! Look how many colours it has! How beautiful!' and my parents reply: 'Yeah... We know.'

I guess after all this time, despising that primary school song bringing back annoying memories of school singing assemblies with horrendously cheesy, synthesized backing tracks... I can finally appreciate it.

Tuesday, 23 October 2012

Sunday, 21 October 2012

Autumn Awakening

As Jack Torrance would say - 'Been away, but now I'm back.' Its been far too long since I've done a shoot, so I decided to come back with a metaphorical bang. This time using a lovely Topshop top.

I have to be honest, with this shoot, I had no idea what I was going to do. All I knew was that I had a particular piece of clothing and a particular model. So, not knowing where I was going to stage the shoot, we decided to take a wander to see what settings would be suitable for the piece of clothing. We experimented with high rooftops with sheer drops, submersion in autumn leaves and graveyards. 

Originally, for this lovely piece of clothing, I had wanted it to be very sunny and to do a more 'Americanized' summer shoot. However, I had to work with the elements that were provided and - after double checking 4 separate weather sites to make sure that there would be no rain - decided on a particular day for the shoot, praying that we'd at least get a little sun. I wasn't very hopeful as we'd had constant rain so far. The day was generally gray but there were some lovely bursts of sun now and then which worked perfectly.

The beautiful top used in the shoot was originally from Topshop, but I picked it up from a charity shop. Every time I buy a new piece of clothing, I buy it with the knowledge that I will most likely be doing a shoot with it.

My lovely model (used previously in the Mulberry Trench Shoot) worked beautifully in the shots. I knew as soon as I had got the top that I'd want her to model it. She was willing to stand on the precipice of the rooftop, didn't complain when I made her look into the sun and even got her beautiful heels muddy. All for the good of the cause.

All in all, a great days shooting!

I will most likely be doing a second post to this, so watch out for that.

Sunday, 7 October 2012

A New Mini Model

We were on a farm. I was bored. I happened to have my camera, so I suggested a little shoot. It was lots of fun running around, picking different spots to stage the shots and capturing this lovely, new, mini model's beautiful face. 

We found an old barn whilst we were there with a brilliant vintage car inside. The shots by the car didn't quite make it to the post but I was glad to find that the lighting inside the barn (utilized in the second shot) was actually perfect, and gave a lovely soft glow to the mini models.

Friday, 5 October 2012

Random Shots & Update

Do not worry my fellow viewers. I am not gone. I am always here, figuring out the next post. I feel like I haven't posted for ages but its only been about 10 days. The reason for this is that I've recently been warding of a stupid cold which - thankfully - is now gone. Now I'm just thinking toward the next shoot. Also, this ridiculously rainy weather is not helping things at all. I am very eager to get the next shoot underway though, just waiting for inspiration to strike!

Oo, as I've just remembered - there will be some new shots appearing on the blog very soon of a short shoot I did with a new mini model (thats right!). The shots turned out very nicely but now I'm going to have to refer to them as mini model number one and mini model number two, haha!

(Lets hope that I can actually find these new mini model shots. I have so many files from different shoots stacked up on several hard drives that its impossible to find anything these days!)