Sunday, 23 September 2012

All Creatures Great And Small

These are animal shots that I collected in my 'summer' holiday travels. I put that in quotation marks because we all know how much sun we really got this summer.

The first two shots are from a walk I took around Chagford - A beautiful place, I could certainly see myself living there when I get to be middle-aged.

The second two are from Bath. I was sitting outside a restaurant/cafe with Roz (See HERE for the post on our trip to Bath) looking down at the swans in the river and there was this one particular one that was constantly cleaning itself. I'd never seen a swan act that way before. Didn't realize how bendy a swan's neck was either. One minute it was rubbing its head down the full length of its body, the next it was flapping its wings in a peculiar manor - I suppose I could compare it to the way that children flap their elbows when they pretend to be chickens.

The last two shots are of a lovely cat who came waltzing into my grannie's house during my stay in Devon. She didn't own the cat, only said she had seen it a couple of times. It was very affectionate. I think all it was looking for was a good belly rub.

Psst: There's another shoot coming up. Click HERE for a preview.

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