Friday, 25 November 2011

Birthday Commission Shoot

This was a special shoot in a way because my model more or less commissioned me to do these shots for her birthday. Coincidentally though, I was in fact going to ask her to model for me anyway, she just beat me to the punch.

My model brought her own clothes to the shoot but the scarf-wrap-thing is something that I had been storing for a while whilst I waited for the right shoot to use it in - turns out she was the model I had been waiting for.

So, I hope you enjoy these and a very Happy Birthday to my model!

For the commission, this is the image my model sent to me to give me some inspiration for the shoot. I believe the shot is from America's Next Top Model.

Sunday, 20 November 2011


Had the most fantastic sunday a couple of weeks ago to end the week off from school.

We went to the Slimbridge water parks where you get a big pack of bird seed and walk around the massive park, feeding seed to the enormous assortment of birds that stay there. I say stay there instead of kept there because  mostly, the birds are free to fly away whenever they want - but they stay for the food.

Also, there are large water marshes and for five pounds an adults (Kids go free) you can take a canoe or coracle that holds three-four people and explore the marshes for an hour!

I would really recommend this for anyone. It makes a fantastic afternoon out for all the family. 

So, to summarise, here are some of the shots I took from our afternoon at Slimbridge. Made for the perfect day. The last shot is actually taken from in the canoe whilst paddling around the marshes.

Friday, 4 November 2011

Next Leica Shots Of Cousin

As promised, here are the next Leica studio shots of my cousin.

Leica Day Quick Shots

A couple of shots of the second model who was also in the Leica studio shoot!

Thursday, 3 November 2011

Leica Day Shot

I reckon that this is the best shot from my day at Leica where I got to use a top quality studio and camera. ...God I wish I had a studio like that for keeps!

The model is my lovely cousin who I have used in an earlier post entitled ‘Photo Shoot With Cousins’. 

Most amazing day ever! There will be more coming from this particular shoot. Keep an eye out.