Sunday, 16 December 2012

YOLO (You Only Live Once)

Yes, YOLO had to be the main title for this post as it was the catchphrase we applied to everything during our trip to Manchester.

We had some time to kill after booking into a hotel so we ended up sitting around in a deserted canteen for a bit (as it was way too cold outside!) Whilst we were there, sitting amongst christmas trees that gave off electric shocks and listening to two TVs play two different songs at the same time, I realized there was the most lovely light streaming through the windows. The light was from the beginnings of a beautiful sunset and since the windows had white flower patterns on them, they cast great shadows on the wall opposite. So, we got up, pushed away a collection of baby highchairs from the wall and took some snap shots. 

This was using the model from the 'Black & Red' shoot.

More from Manchester soon!

Monday, 10 December 2012

Devon In Autumn

The wild, untamed coarseness of the countryside. We popped down there not too long ago for a couple of days. It was freezing, but even so, we made ourselves do the vast, hilly walks deep down into the thick undergrowth and back up to the fields. My fingers were half frozen on the shutter of my camera when I was trying to take some snapshots of my mini model. I find the 2nd shot quite interesting - Follow the yellow brick road! (Or in this case, the yellow needle path! Doesn't quite have the same ring to it).

And now for something completely different: I am currently planning a new shoot with some new, unseen, gorgeous vintage pieces. Hopefully we shall get going on that soon, so watch out!

Friday, 7 December 2012

Grey Old London

This is London from my point of view. The day (as it always seems to be when I go) was grey, windy and very cold! However, that didn't put us off. Me and a friend managed to get ourselves to the Tim Walker exhibition then walked around till we found a restaurant whilst I snapped people out the window (See last post). After, we then walked alongside the river and got to the south bank where, low a behold, there was a christmas fair! We slowly made our way along the stalls  and with the combination of christmas music and the smell of a hundred different cakes, sweets and biscuits - I was feeling proper christmasy! All in all, despite the weather, it was a lovely day.

Tuesday, 4 December 2012

London Street Style

So I was in London not too long ago and while there, I decided to try my hand at street style photography. I'm still building up to actually going up and asking the people If I can take a photo, but for now... Me and a friend were settled in a restaurant overlooking a small street and I ended up using this as a point for taking photos. I had my camera on my lap and I'd be eating and suddenly I'd drop my knife and fork and snap a photo out the window. People move quickly!

The first shot was taken just as we were coming out of the Tim Walker exhibition at Somerset House - I would recommend anyone to go and see this as it really is spectacular!

Sunday, 2 December 2012

Chocolate Delores Shoot

It was just one of those things where, one moment, I'm in bed, and the next I've jumped in and am doing a shoot for the wonderful Chocolate Delores. That made for a great day. I grabbed my camera and suddenly Delores started to produce the most delicious chocolate goodies. I was most surprised when she brought out the cake (first and second shot). Hidden underneath is the cake, but what you see ontop there, is chocolate. Every piece on that cake is chocolate, right down to the little cherubs and flowers. 

Shots three and four are also mostly chocolate. A fold of chocolate encircles the cake, delicately covered with a holly leaf print, (I've heard it's quite tricky to get right). Topped off with a chocolate flower, this was something I was not going to miss. I managed to snag myself one of these delightful, singular cakes once the shoot was done, and I can verify that it was delicious! (I ate it whilst watching the movie, 'Marie Antoinette', as was suitable).

As I have most likely said before, sunlight is my best tool when lighting. We had the studio lights up and we where next to a big bay window, but every so often, a large bout of sunlight would come streaming through onto the chocolate. I'd suddenly shout 'Get out the way! Sunlight, sunlight!' and start snapping erratically with the camera whilst everyone dived from in front of the window to let maximum light through.

The shoot was a feast for the eyes and a delight for the nose and I am glad I had the opportunity to step in.
If you missed it before, here is Chocolate Delores' website (Link) where you will find more goodies and cakes that will make your mouth water!