Saturday, 23 July 2011

Moi Je Joue


A '60s inspired shoot with model Alice Downing today.

The shoot took place in the Alma Road Laundrette, Bristol. I liked the building not only because of the vintage style washing machines, but also because of the interior colours which were lovely shades of gray and red. After scouting the site and making a few calls, the manager kindly consented to letting us rampage her business for a couple of hours!

We got every strange look possible when doing the shoot on account of the large window that looked in from the street and the people that bustled in and out of the building. We tried not to shoot by washing-machines that were already being used, since we would have been depriving people of their wet clothes!

I fancy that this last shot looks a little like a perfume ad, and should have a large bottle of Chanel sitting next to the model.

Thank you to the Alma Road Launderette for allowing the shoot.

Tuesday, 19 July 2011

Using An SLR Camera

I found an old SLR camera that my mum used to use, and - after a couple of lessons - attempted to use it myself when down at my granny's country house. I have to say that I was pretty convinced when waiting for the prints to come back, that they would be blurred (it being my first time and all) but i was astonished to find yesterday that they had come out fine. 
It's official, I can use an SLR camera, and now look forward to using it in fashion photography shoots!

Sunday, 17 July 2011

Photo Shoot With Cousins

I did a shoot today with my cousins Bala Piti and Mahli Piti. These beautiful cousins of mine are half Thai and extremely photogenic.

For this particular shoot, we used some very dated vintage items obtained from my Grandma who has been collecting vintage clothing for years and dating right back to when furs where legal (and accepted).

When preparing for this particular shoot, me and my models went to my Grandma's house and rooted through her many drawers and cases of clothing. It took us a whole afternoon before we had finally found the items that suited each model. We then went to my Auntie's house to do the shoot itself. Her house interested me the most since, although the decor of the house was no longer Georgian, there were still aspects of it that had remained, such as the wonderful antique bathroom and bedroom.

I have to say, the photos came out great!

Friday, 15 July 2011

The Devon Summer

This was a very spontaneous shoot, done with a friend of mine whilst we were away in Devon for a couple of days. It was the day before we returned to Bristol and the sun was scorching. I realised, whilst we were sunbathing, that she seemed to fit the environment that we were in, so we began a photo shoot.
I only realised after shooting this that the shots had a 'Tamara Drew' quality. I am of course referring to the film - not the comic strip - which was terrible, but the cinematography was nice.

Friday, 8 July 2011

Urban Photo Shoot

These were shot in a small underground car park today with my small yet silent model, Martha Hayes. Took an all round of 594 shots, but these here are some of the best.
Once again, I told my model what clothes to bring and decided from the items, what she would wear for the shots.
The rain was coming down in buckets today, but at least we had a roof over our heads whilst shooting, and despite the chilliness of the wind, my model did not complain once. 

Thursday, 7 July 2011

Orchestra Photography Commission

I was commissioned by Mr William Goodchild to take pictures of the Bristol Metropolitan Orchestra whilst they rehearsed the afternoon before the concert. Whilst I took the shots, the orchestra played pieces by Verdi and Mendelssohn led by soloist Mihai Cocea on viola. 
The concert itself that evening was wonderful with an amusing encore of Paganini's Carnavale Di Venezia played by the brilliant soloist. I would definitely recommend catching one of their evening performances if you fancy a pleasant night out.

Monday, 4 July 2011

Burberry Inspired

Before the shoot, I sent my models a detailed email in which I told them what type of clothes I wanted them to bring and the colours of those clothes. When they arrived, I went through the clothes that they had brought with them and decided which outfits went best. I then gave them the items of clothing that I had selected and made sure that both models looked good when standing next to one another.
I had Burberry in mind when taking the photos, specifically the shoot that was done with actress and now model, Emma Watson.

Emma Watson's specific shoot for inspiration: