Tuesday, 4 September 2012

Roz Shoot 3: Yellow Dress

Again, another gorgeous day (Rosalind Jana must have brought the sun with her when she arrived!), so much so that we decided to take a walk and take some pictures along the way.

We walked through Clifton, nipping into various charity shops and having a glance into 'Lahloo' cafe, my most favorite place to be as they make the best cheese scones and darjeeling tea. We went there for brunch on our last morning and I can say confidentially that we thoroughly enjoyed our time there. (Roz would recommend the french toast).

From there we strolled up onto the Downs, taking pictures among a large patch of yellow flowers on the way there, then resting for a bit as we discussed reality and general philosophical points on life.
On our way back - amongst getting harassed by leering, middle-aged men who had nothing better to do than to drink themselves silly at three in the afternoon and harass young girls - we bought some cold drinks and sat in the park. What a wonderful day.

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  1. Love your yellow outfit!!! it is matching with the color of nature!!! xxx