Sunday, 13 May 2012

Mulberry Trench Shoot

The infamous trench coat. How did I get it? Good question. This is precisely why I love charity shops so much. Someone out there obviously had too much money and decided to give it to the charity shop who then sold it on for £50! Looked up the retail price which is £500 starting bid! Ah! However, I'm not planning to sell it on just yet, its too comfy to let go!

So, weeks and weeks of rain and yet the day we had planned to do the shoot on was fabulously sunny! What are the chances? Fantastic. The lighting was beautiful, although I was ruthlessly forcing my model to look into the sunlight, she did not complain.

This is a bit of a turning point I guess because the blog has reached 20,000 views! Pop the champagne!

The trench coat is Mulberry, the flag is from a beautiful designer/vintage shop called Jemima Rose (Constantly eyeing up the clothes in there!)
From the last shot (to illustrate the clothes): the aviator coat is the model's own from Topshop and the sunglasses are mine from Guess.
The model is also sister to the lovely model from 'The Attic' shoot

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Monday, 7 May 2012

Quick Shot From HC

Thought it was worth just sticking up this shot of my mini model, taken within the grounds of Hampton Court

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Hampton Court

We visited Hampton Court the other day for the first time. It was amazing! And well worth the wait - I only say this because we spent about four hours trying to get there - half of that time was spent sitting in never ending traffic! Although the day was not terribly spectacular as the sun only seemed to come out when we were in the car and not outside (of course) - it didn't matter. 

We must have gone at the right time though as all the birds nesting there had had their babies! I was particularly fond of the ducklings in 6th picture as they had both their parents there to take care of all seven of them. They would follow their parents around, eating the grass, and whenever their parents sat down, all the babies would heap together in a little feathery clump to keep warm.

The gardens of Hampton Court were absolutely stunning! I thought that all this dreary, wet weather had stopped the flowers from coming out - but I was quite wrong! There were flowers of all types there in full bloom. The colours were spectacular! my most favorite flowers where the ones in the 3rd and 4th pictures. The colours went perfectly together. From afar I thought the blue flowers were purple but then quickly realized that the only reason for that was the bright red flowers setting off the blue. Blue + red = purple.

If summer ever gets here, I highly recommend traveling to Hampton Court, it makes a wonderful day out and a great place for taking photos! I've decided that at some point in my life, I will go back there with a couple of models for a proper shoot.

Now For something completely different: Just so you know, I have a shoot scheduled for the end of this week. I know its a little redundant saying this because usually when I tell people whats going to happen, something goes wrong to prevent it. Fingers crossed though! I will be shooting my Mulberry Trench on a model. Watch this space and hope for the best!