Tuesday, 18 September 2012


They're back! Me and the models from 'The Accomplices' shoot (Link here) joined up to do some more photography. It was this time held in an indoor location known as The Clifton Club - a most prestigious and gorgeous, private men's club. It is so well hidden away that before I was introduced to it, I didn't even realize that there was a building there. The inside decor is absolutely fantastic and almost seems to date back to the 1940s - hence it being the perfect the venue for the photo shoot.

The male model's clothing is his own (as well as the gun - I'll get to that later) but the female model's clothing, I supplied myself. The outfits consist of a mix of vintage, some from my grandma's collection and some from my mother's. The coat from the 1st shot and the wonderful dress from the 3rd and 6th shots are from my mother's collections.

For the other pieces, I once again went hunting through my grandma's various boxes and came back with a bag overflowing with clothes. From my grandma's collection is the black dress (5th shot) as well as the black gloves and shawl. The leather handbag (5th shot) is my own, bought from a vintage market not too long ago.

Everyone loves free publicity, so in the sprit of this: 

The female model is Charlotte Roest-Ellis, a model, photographer, musician and actress - a girl of many talents. Check out her artist Facebook page!

The male model is Charlie Steeds, a filmmaker specializing in horror. Check out YouTube for a range of clips and trailers from his films. He was able to supply the gun for the shoot, as it had been one of the props for his films.

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