Tuesday, 28 June 2011

Birdman: Winning Entry

I submitted this shot into a competition on twitter (Hosted by Paul Groom Photography) which had the subject title of 'Out Of This World' and after the submission deadline, I found that I had won!

The composition of this shot was actually spontaneous. I was walking back off a beach in normandy (France) with my camera when I heard something strange. Turning, I saw a man walking behind me holding the sail of a wind surfer (I assume that this is what he is holding.) He looked so obscure that I simply had to take a shot. I don't actually think he saw me taking the picture - and my french was so rusty that I was not about to explain to him as I'd probably end up saying something along the lines of 'Will you feed my cat, she has a frog on her head?' - but I am thankful to him as he won me the competition. So, if your out there Man In The Shot, i sincerely thank you. Or as the french would say - Merci!

The Lovers

It was very fun doing this photo shoot, although trying to get my models to keep a straight face was a challenge. We had a tight time limit in which to shoot in and i was sure that i wan't going to be able to get all the shots i wanted. However, luckily, i managed to get most of them done. All in all though, a successful afternoons shooting.


These are all different perspectives of pathways and bridges. These were all taken when in Normandy (France). The first two were taken just along the road from where we were staying. It may have been a grey day, but the photos came out very nicely.

D-Day Celebrations, Normandy

This was an interesting day. Thank god for long zooms though!

Whilst in Normandy (France) it was nearing the anniversary of the D-day Normandy Landings and so we decided to go along to the celebrations. We drove around the french motorways and countryside for about an hour and a half until finally we found our destination. We had been told that proceedings started at four. They in fact, began at the leisurely time of half six.

Waiting around in the boiling hot sun for two and a half hours was not fun. However, watching the people dance to old jazz music whilst we waited, was. The old war veterans got up to dance with the young and pretty ladies, dressed in 1920's gear.

I was all the way across the other side of the square from these dancers, but thank god for the extra-long camera zoom otherwise I would never of been able to document this event.

Liberty March, Normandy