Friday, 31 August 2012

Roz Shoot 1: Trains

Here is the first shoot with the lovely Rosalind Jana from 'Clothes Cameras and Coffee'. This miniature shoot was done on the day she arrived. After a little bus trouble and a sprint through the rain to collect some lunch, we decided on going down to the docks for a wander. If I remember correctly, the weather was grey, that umbrella-half-up sort of weather.

It was quite amusing, with both of us having an artistic eye, as we saw potential shots at the same time. One would remark 'Hey, that would have made a great shot' and the other would say 'That's just what I was thinking!' This seemed to happen so often that our responses burned right down to 'Hey, that would-', 'I know.' We had one of these moments when we passed a group of punks dressed in full gear. We both agreed that it certainly would have made an interesting shot but they looked so intimidating that it was probably a wise idea to keep the camera away.

The shoot was styled by Roz. Strangely, the shorts she is wearing were actually bright green but for some reason they came out as blue on camera.

It should be noted that whilst we were doing the shots, some kids that had been playing around the trains where having their photos snapped by their mother. They must have seen what we were doing because they were really going for it with their modeling, striking various poses and hanging off of the trains. We both agreed that they had nothing on us.

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