Sunday, 7 December 2014

Autumn Portrait (Part One)

I had previously worked with the gorgeous Cecily Bain in THIS shoot and, since it had been such  long time, had been recently wondering about scheduling another shoot. Low and behold, I received an email from Cecily, wondering the very same thing! 

As I hadn't done an autumn shoot this year, I thought it only right that we do a portrait shoot, utilizing the amazing colours of nature. The shoot itself, was in fact postponed due to the horrendous rain we'd been getting that week. Because of this, we had to reschedule for the next day and hope for the best. With the most amazing luck, we met in the centre of Bristol in the afternoon (rain or shine) with the most amazing light - a cloudless sunset. We couldn't have asked for more beautiful light!

Watch out for Part Two coming soon!

Shirt is from H&M.

Sunday, 9 November 2014

Monday, 13 October 2014

Style Profile: Bala Swan Piti (Part One)

I had been wanting to do another Style Profile for a while (CLICK HERE for the last profile) and thought, who better to profile, than my lovely model Bala Swan Piti! Her style is aways changing and thus, is always fantastic! Part One will be showing portraits and tops, whilst Part Two shall be showing full outfits. 

During the shoot, I asked Bala a couple of questions about her fashion sense:

How would you describe your style?
Hmm... Clean, minimal and casual!

Who were your clothes originally inspired by?
There are a few girls on Instagram who's style I love, such as Monicamoraru, Feralcreature, Alyyyssalauu and Biancavenerayan! Really love the style shoots from American Apparel, Zara and Whistles too!

Best places to shop?

Favorite Designers?

Fashion magazines?
Vogue and ID

Music Type?
Hip-hop, R&B and Alternative.

Check out Bala Swan Piti's Links: 

Keep an eye-out for Part Two, where I'll be posting full-body outfits!

Sunday, 28 September 2014

I Love Crafty Twilight Tropics Shoot

I was recently asked to collaborate with the wonderful jewellery maker, I Love Crafty, and previous model, Bala Swan Piti, in a shoot for ILC's new Twilight Tropics range (Found Here).

We had a great time popping flashy outfits together to combine with the mirrored jewellery. 
As well as this, we were constantly distracted by ILC's incredibly cute baby!

All jewellery items shown here are for sale! CLICK HERE to buy!

I Love Crafty's Links:

Model - Bala Swan Piti's Links:

Wednesday, 17 September 2014

The City Girl (Part Two)

Bigger post than usual today!

There were so many shots of my lovely model Tilly, that I Just couldn't decide!

As we went for a clothing change, (and as we were both tired from walking about the centre) I decided to base the second style inside Colston Hall. The updated venue is just brilliant for lighting! Plus, I'd used it briefly before in another shoot, and so knew all the best places for shots (or so I thought).

I had wanted to shoot the gorgeous Tilly against my dark-gray backdrop, but as this was at home, it wasn't possible. However, I suddenly found that the hall had a great dark wall to use instead! On top of that, there was a streak of very bright sunshine coming through from the window, which made it amazing for shots 1, 2, 3 & 4.
If that wasn't enough, we found something else. I'd never known it, but at the very top of the building was an outdoor seating area - fantastic! The light was very bright and sunny, and so this is how we got shots 7, 8 & 9.

Check out Tilly's links:

Coming Up Next...
A photo shoot for I Love Crafty's new jewellery collection!