Monday, 11 March 2013

Lara Jade Workshop

Photographer - Rosa Fay

Models - Gemma (dark wig) and Christie (blonde wig)
Make Up - Leah M
Hair - Adele C
Styling - Georgia

Now this, was an amazing day!

I recently attended a photography workshop hosted by Lara Jade. I absolutely adore her photography and generally admire her, so when I heard that she would be holding a workshop in London; I just had to get a place!

The studio was fantastic, although very well hidden. So well hidden, that I - me being the clever-clogs I am - stood around the entrance for about 15 mins/half an hour, wondering how to get in... Before realizing that there was a bell. Once inside though, I saw that it was filled with all sorts of amazing props, including: a carousel horse, a shelf of antique books, an iron bed, several big letters, a row of old folding theatre seats and many other awesome things!

Meeting Lara in person was very surreal. I'd only ever seen her in pictures and on the Creative Live shoot she hosted, so to suddenly see her in person... She was a celebrity!

Throughout the day I met many lovely photographers who had joined the course too, and after swapping cards, we then got to do some shooting. 
We had two models, both styled and makeuped with a 60s theme - which just so happens to be my favorite era, so I was very excited when they came out. Firstly, we got split up into two groups with a model each, and took it in turns to have our own time with the model so that we got a change to pose them ourselves. Then the models swapped outfits and the groups swapped models and we continued to take it in turns. After that, both models and groups were brought together and we all shot at the same time, jostling for the right place to get the best shot.

All in all, it was a fantastic day! Met new people and learnt a lot.

Shots 3 & 6 are of Lara Jade herself.


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