Thursday, 21 February 2013

Beautiful Creature


This is another one of my infamous, thrown-together-at-the-last-second shoots that we all know and love. Seriously though, I really had no idea what this shoot would be on. All I knew is that I had to do a shoot that very day as i was going to a workshop with Lara Jade the next day (more on that later) and that I wanted to use this particular model (also used in THIS and THIS shoot) as I hadn't shot with her in a while. Hours before the shoot, the model asked what she should bring and I mentioned a couple of things I had briefly seen her wear before: A flower garland headpiece - that she made herself - and some awesome contact lenses.

Yep, thats right - Contacts. Those are not her normal eyes, nor have they been computerized or photoshopped. Those are purple contact lenses. They begin where her real iris's end, making her eyes seem bigger. As soon as I saw her with them in, I instantly knew that I wanted the shoot to be otherworldly. I wanted it to seem as if she was an innocent creature from another world, come to observe earth through dazzeling eyes. Kind of like The Host in a way.

Other items include: collar necklace, real amethyst earrings and dress from an old shop that is now closed down. Heels from charity shop.

Highlight Of The Day!

(Your going to want to read this)

We were taking some shots down a very narrow road, in front of a decrepit wall. The passage was so narrow, though, that I had to stand on the opposite side of the road to photograph the model. Whilst I was taking shots, a couple (pictured below) came walking towards us. Without saying a word to one another - or to us - they casually strode up to the model, standing either side of her with big grins for the camera. It was hilarious!
They swiftly moved on after I'd taken the picture so I didn't get a chance to give them my card. However, if they ever see this post - from the both of us: Thank you for making our day!


  1. What a comic moment with the couple marching in to your photo! The word that popped in to my thoughts while looking at the images was 'other-wordly' so those extraordinary contacts definitely did the trick.