Thursday, 28 March 2013

For The Love Of A Princess (Dark) 1/2

This is the first theme from a shoot I did the other day with the lovely model from THIS shoot. The idea was initially based on Lilly Cole's demeanor in 'The Moth Diaries' - but, as always, it turned into something else. I wanted this theme to be of a dark princess, ruling her domain. (Someone also told me that it had a flavor of 'Where The Wild Things Are' which I can also see).

For this shoot, I most certainly wanted to shoot outside, which I realized was an insane idea owing to the fact that it was FREEZING. However, we decided to plow on. Sharing a coat between us, me and the model ran around to different spots taking quick snaps and exchanging my fur coat depending on when we were shooting. 

At one point, I told the model to sit on a wall and as she did so, she suddenly burst out laughing saying that we were being watched. As it turned out, we ended up being a family's lunch entertainment as we were shooting right outside their window whilst they all ate and watched us freeze. 

Watch out for the second theme to this shoot coming soon!

Also, do check out the model's Sites-

The pipe cleaner crown was made by me. Black dress from a charity shop. Necklace from Sainsbury's (bought a while back). Lace cuffs where a present.

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