Thursday, 29 November 2012

Fashion Photography Award

So before we get into the new shoots, I thought I should quickly just post this up. I recently entered the Shepton Mallet Digital Arts Festival hosted by Claire Sully. There where five categories and I entered three: Portrait, landscape and fashion. To be honest, I didn't expect to win the fashion category as there are so many great photographers out there so I was astounded when my name was called for the category. After the awards ceremony, we had a wonderful evening of chatting and (for some) dancing! I even had a chance to speak with the amazing Angela Williams who judged the photography competition. I learnt that back in the 1960s she assisted the legendary fashion and portrait photographer, Norman Parkinson!

Comment from Angela Williams: 'Rosa's work I found very contemporary - typical of the shots for the fashion pages of young people - refreshing and self assured...'

Pictures Entered That Won The Category:

1. 2.3.

Links to shots: 1. (Click) 2. (Click) 3. (Click)

Receiving the award. (In my defense, the lady handing the award out was quite short).

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