Sunday, 2 December 2012

Chocolate Delores Shoot

It was just one of those things where, one moment, I'm in bed, and the next I've jumped in and am doing a shoot for the wonderful Chocolate Delores. That made for a great day. I grabbed my camera and suddenly Delores started to produce the most delicious chocolate goodies. I was most surprised when she brought out the cake (first and second shot). Hidden underneath is the cake, but what you see ontop there, is chocolate. Every piece on that cake is chocolate, right down to the little cherubs and flowers. 

Shots three and four are also mostly chocolate. A fold of chocolate encircles the cake, delicately covered with a holly leaf print, (I've heard it's quite tricky to get right). Topped off with a chocolate flower, this was something I was not going to miss. I managed to snag myself one of these delightful, singular cakes once the shoot was done, and I can verify that it was delicious! (I ate it whilst watching the movie, 'Marie Antoinette', as was suitable).

As I have most likely said before, sunlight is my best tool when lighting. We had the studio lights up and we where next to a big bay window, but every so often, a large bout of sunlight would come streaming through onto the chocolate. I'd suddenly shout 'Get out the way! Sunlight, sunlight!' and start snapping erratically with the camera whilst everyone dived from in front of the window to let maximum light through.

The shoot was a feast for the eyes and a delight for the nose and I am glad I had the opportunity to step in.
If you missed it before, here is Chocolate Delores' website (Link) where you will find more goodies and cakes that will make your mouth water!

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