Tuesday, 28 August 2012

Out Of Place (Update!)

It has been way too long since I've done a post - this is mainly due to technical difficulties but I wont get into that right now. However, you will all be pleased to hear that I now have quite a few shoots backed up and ready to be posted! Three of these shoots are with the lovely Roz of Clothes Cameras And Coffee (Used in the Summer Garden post and various others) due to our now annual get together. Trust me, your going to want to see them so stay tuned!

'Click Here' for a preview or two of the up and coming shoots!

As for this post - These are three things that I found in my travels this month and thought that they where worth a post:

• The first shot was taken in Bath (during mine and Roz's day trip - more on that later). I found the giant chess set at the back of a building and thought it kind of odd. You don't see that every day. Where the pieces in the trash? Or just being stored there until the employees felt like having a game? Either way, it made for an interesting shot.

• This one really is strange! The second shot was taken outside a Waitrose store car park, deep in the countryside (So deep that not only had it taken two and a half hours to get there but also I had never in my life heard of the place name nor would I be able to recall it). 
At first glance I was worried that the cat was dead, but thankfully It was just laying there in the trolly's child seat, asleep. To my surprise it wasn't phased at all by any of the noisy cars or dogs that passed. Fortunately, most people that passed didn't disturb it but merely cooed at it for a moment and then moved on. When I came back out the shop later, I saw that it was lazily stretched across the seat, purring.

• The third shot was taken somewhere in Chagford. I am actually dying to go back there with a model as I found loads of amazing settings for shoots. I guess these doors where awaiting the chop as I found them at the back of someone's wood shed. They did look obscure against the leafy background of the countryside though.

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