Wednesday, 8 August 2012


So, as far as I can see, things seem to be progressing towards a new photo shoot - which should be fun! Always exciting. Still trying to come up with a theme for this but I figure once I have the right piece of clothing it should all run smoothly. Hang on to your hats for that!

• I'm going to have a relatively small rant now:

You know what I've decided? I hate technology. I really do. I didn't have this view until a couple of days ago though. You see, when one scrapes some money together to buy a beautifully refurbished Apple Macbook Pro laptop, one does not expect to have it for just over a year - enough to get attached - and for it to then die. One also does not expect that since the warranty of the beautiful computer ran out only a month ago, one has to pay an extortionate amount of money if one ever wants see the computer living again. ...Sounds a little like a ransom note. 
To basically sum up - Money scraped together has been thrown down the drain and I have lost my electronical baby. I guess its a big deal because I lived off of my computer. It was the main hub for my photography (editing programs and such) so now I don't have it, I'm a little stuck with what to do. 

...Anyway, the show must go on!

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