Wednesday, 30 January 2013

Second Snow Shoot (Say My Name)

This shoot was very, very quickly thrown together the night before. It all came about because there was suddenly another burst of beautiful snow in the evening. We were frantically chucking messages back and forth about clothes and such, but then quickly realized that the snow might not last till the morning as it seemed to be disappearing quickly. So, we left  it and waited over night to see what would happen. 

The next morning I woke very early (unheard of for me) and sent one, very bleary eyed text to the model: 'Worth it?' Turns out, yes it was! Within the next three hours, a very cold model arrived on my doorstep, I chucked a vintage River Island coat at her - used previously in the Noir shoot - and we charged out into the cold.

Although it hadn't snowed much that morning and there where big patches of non-snow everywhere, as soon as we strode out the house, thick flakes began to fall down. It was perfect! Exactly what we wanted. When we finally made it back, we had hot chocolate and listened to a mix of Eminem and Destiny's Child remixes (hence, Say My Name) whilst I edited.

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