Wednesday, 16 January 2013


You know what I just realized? I said in my YOLO post (Link) that I would put some more shots up from our trip to Manchester, but I haven't kept to that... Until now! 

I'd never been to Manchester before, but I absolutely loved it! After a very long 4 hour drive consisting of coleslaw sandwiches, chats about the Sat Nav, the concept of YOLO (naturally) and chocolate advent calendars - we finally arrived. Man, i'd never wanted to use my legs more in my life! We stumbled out of the car and into the hotel. One of the first things we did after we'd booked in was to take an evening tour around the city before dinner. I took my camera anyway - though I doubted that i'd be able to get any non-blurred pictures from the darkness - and we took a stroll in the freezing cold. Totally worth it! 
If I thought it was beautiful in the evening, I was even more astounded in the bright and early morning! The light was incredible. Even though it was ridiculously cold the sun shone out casting perfect shadows and bouncing beautiful light off of everything. 
This weather was completely the opposite to what i'd  ever experienced - being in the south-west (which consists of no sun, no cold. Just... Dull and rainy).

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