Friday, 5 October 2012

Random Shots & Update

Do not worry my fellow viewers. I am not gone. I am always here, figuring out the next post. I feel like I haven't posted for ages but its only been about 10 days. The reason for this is that I've recently been warding of a stupid cold which - thankfully - is now gone. Now I'm just thinking toward the next shoot. Also, this ridiculously rainy weather is not helping things at all. I am very eager to get the next shoot underway though, just waiting for inspiration to strike!

Oo, as I've just remembered - there will be some new shots appearing on the blog very soon of a short shoot I did with a new mini model (thats right!). The shots turned out very nicely but now I'm going to have to refer to them as mini model number one and mini model number two, haha!

(Lets hope that I can actually find these new mini model shots. I have so many files from different shoots stacked up on several hard drives that its impossible to find anything these days!)