Sunday, 21 October 2012

Autumn Awakening

As Jack Torrance would say - 'Been away, but now I'm back.' Its been far too long since I've done a shoot, so I decided to come back with a metaphorical bang. This time using a lovely Topshop top.

I have to be honest, with this shoot, I had no idea what I was going to do. All I knew was that I had a particular piece of clothing and a particular model. So, not knowing where I was going to stage the shoot, we decided to take a wander to see what settings would be suitable for the piece of clothing. We experimented with high rooftops with sheer drops, submersion in autumn leaves and graveyards. 

Originally, for this lovely piece of clothing, I had wanted it to be very sunny and to do a more 'Americanized' summer shoot. However, I had to work with the elements that were provided and - after double checking 4 separate weather sites to make sure that there would be no rain - decided on a particular day for the shoot, praying that we'd at least get a little sun. I wasn't very hopeful as we'd had constant rain so far. The day was generally gray but there were some lovely bursts of sun now and then which worked perfectly.

The beautiful top used in the shoot was originally from Topshop, but I picked it up from a charity shop. Every time I buy a new piece of clothing, I buy it with the knowledge that I will most likely be doing a shoot with it.

My lovely model (used previously in the Mulberry Trench Shoot) worked beautifully in the shots. I knew as soon as I had got the top that I'd want her to model it. She was willing to stand on the precipice of the rooftop, didn't complain when I made her look into the sun and even got her beautiful heels muddy. All for the good of the cause.

All in all, a great days shooting!

I will most likely be doing a second post to this, so watch out for that.

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  1. Beautiful images, she has stunning, sparkly eyes.