Thursday, 12 July 2012

Black Lace, Black Coat

This particular shoot had no theme to it. It was just one of those grab-a-model-clothing-setting-and-go shoots. Feeling like i'm gradually loosing touch with fashion photography (this seems to happen with my hobbies when I don't do anything with them for a while) so I need to back on the horse - as it were.

Coincidentally, this model and I go way back to primary school. We used to make up little games when we first met, like- who could throw the most pieces of gravel into the hole from a large distance. We used to hide away in the girls toilets at break-time to chat and folded the silver aluminium wrapping of Kit Kat bars into swans to see if they'd float. And conkers! In autumn we used to do conker collecting. Seeing who could collect that most. Then, (if I remember correctly) we would use them to play with in games, trading them as fake money or food.  It was all such a long time ago I'm surprised I even remember! They were fun times though.

For this outfit:
Shoes are from New Look
Sunglasses are from Specsavers (should have gone)
Dress is apparently from a shop called 'Make'.
Coat is (Mine, used once before in THIS shoot) from/by Racing Green


  1. I love her eyes in the second shot. She looks so determined and confident with a lovely smile. I think these are great shots even if they were not taken on a horse... as it were.