Sunday, 28 February 2016

Bristol Symphony Orchestra

Introducing the brand new Bristol Symphony Orchestra!

I recently got commissioned to shoot with the Bristol Symphony Orchestra, a brand new orchestra beginning to make its name in Bristol. The brief I was given for the shoot was for it to be fun, so we did all sorts of funny things from fencing with the conductor and current leader, to obscuring the players faces with the instruments, to a three musketeers shot and to violinists using their bows as swords and violins as shields! It was hilarious!

Not only are they a lovely, friendly bunch of people, but I've heard them rehearsing and it sounds fantastic!

Their first ever concert will be the High Sheriff, performed at Bristol's St George's on the 18th Of June 2016 - 7.30 pm. For more details on their other up-and-coming concerts, CLICK HERE or visit their website.

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