Wednesday, 13 June 2012

Dior Sunglasses (Fake)

Me and my mini model went on another trip down to Devon for a couple of days and (thank the lord), the weather wasn't too bad! It was a little dreary but then the day we spontaneously decided to visit Docton Mill, the sun decided to appear in all its glory! 

Docton MIll is one of my most favourite places to be in all the world. I would happily live/get married/die there. The gardens are enchanting, overrun with streams and flowers and the tea rooms are so quaint! Its the kind of place I would imagine Hans Christian Andersen's little Thumbelina living. 

So, since the sun was out and I had my camera, I decided to take some shots of my mini model sporting her new Dior sunglasses. Now, although it would be very tempting to lie and say that these sunglasses were real, I couldn't do that. Every item of clothing you have seen so far on this blog is completely genuine, however, these sunglasses are not. Unfortunately they were brought back from Greece where they do copies of the actual products and sell them on cheap. Apparently the copyright laws are different and to be fair, a cousin of mine who got her glasses from the same place, had 'Pucci' instead of 'Gucci' engraved on hers!

Every item of clothing on this blog will be genuine but if there are ever any items that are not (this would be the first) I will of course inform you.

In the interest of designer items though, I scoured the charity shop yesterday and found a genuine L.K.Bennett evening lace jacket in beautiful condition! Bought it for £25 but found later that the actual price tag was still on it, noting the actual price to be £189! I think photo shoot, don't you?


  1. I especially like the play of light in the last photo - lovely collaboration of mini-model and photographer.
    The lace jacket sounds like an absolute bargain too. What colour is it?

    1. Thank you! Lace jacket is white, but I also saw that it can be bought in dark blue.

    2. I purchased a beautiful pair of Dior sunglasses from

  2. Wow so lovely sunglasses! Loved them and your style!
    You look gorgeous.

  3. I love that one you have there. That's an epic, with the model. I think I will need to have my own because I am obviously jealous of that one. Great color of the lens!