Tuesday, 19 June 2012

Black & Red

Got around to doing another photo shoot with the model from 'Leica Day Shot'  and 'Photo Shoot With Cousins'. The weather was fantastic! I believe its the first bit of proper hot weather we've had this year. I'm finally able to build up a tan!

This shoot was initially going to be grungy with big, bold wallpaper patterns but it turned into something completely different. I must admit, it took us a while to properly get into the shoot (it is very rare in a shoot that I like the beginning shots straight away) but once we'd found the right feel it was on! We did two different themes. The first (pictures 1 & 2) was on the roof and judging by the outfit I decided to shoot with Guess's 2011 campaign (some of my most favourite shoots) in mind.
For the other shots, we compiled the outfit from her lovely patterned black dress and my new No. 7 lipstick. Also threw in a ribbon to balance out the bright red.
After the shoot was completed and I was going through the photos, I couldn't help feeling that they reminded me of something. I looked to my inspiration folder (a collection of images used for inspiration) and stumbled across this: 

Coincidence? I hadn't looked in my inspiration folder for months and yet there it was. Must have taken it through on a subconscious level.

-Denim shirt is from a charity shop
-Patterned, black dress is from Motel

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