Monday, 30 April 2012

Snapshots To Keep You Happy

Have no fear everyone, there will be shoots coming up. I've got so many plans and projects currently brewing - its all just about time now. I don't seem to have so much of it at the moment. Give me a month or two and I'll be free and easy to shoot whatever I want. ...In photography terms of course. I've got two ideas which I'm toying with at the moment so hopefully it shouldn't be too long. Just need to find the right models...
As for these little photographs - the last one was taken in the evening as it was growing dark. It was in a barn and there were cows there which I was also going to photograph... but as I got closer they started to approach me and I got scared and jumped to the conclusion that they would break out of their containment. Yeah, I know. Bovine fear.
The first two shots were actually taken out of a steamy, moving car window whilst roaming the english countryside. I think they look quite dream-like.

Patience my friends.

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