Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Celestial Dome

What’s with the fancy name? I read on Wiki that this is what the sky is also referred to as.

So, as you should know by now, I have a thing for the weather. Whether it’s rainy or shine, I’ve always got some comment to make on it (You would obviously expect nothing less from a proper, British lass). 

At this moment in time have become particularly interested in clouds, hence these shots. These were both taken on the same day at different times. Not too certain on the first shots but I know that the second lot were taken at eight in the evening. The most fantastic thing about it was that when I was taking the pictures, I could wait a couple of minutes and suddenly the sky would have changed and the clouds rearranged. With the sunset clouds, every second they were turning more and more dark pink as the evening drew to a close.

Forget TV, I've got my entertainment right out there!

I actually find the clouds within the shots a little reminiscent of the clouds in Disney's Hercules.


  1. Simply extraordinary skies you have caught here Rosa - I have to keep scrolling through them again to enjoy the intense colours and light.

  2. I LOVE big bobbly clouds. These are great. Xxxx