Wednesday, 28 March 2012

Two Dresses - Part 2 Lilac

So here it is, the 50s, lilac, ball gown from my grandma's wonderful vintage collection. To be honest, the dress had been hanging round my house ever since I had 'accidentally' swiped it from the collection - I was just waiting for the right model to come along. She was gorgeous, she had red hair (of all things, I've bee wanting to do a shoot with a red-haired model for ages!) and she generally had the right look.

The initial idea of this shoot was to have a sloppy look - To have the dress paired with converse and aviators. It was not going in the Pre Raphaelite direction that it is now in. But then i decided, why not? Why not go with the classic look? I had the right setting, the right model... It just goes to show how much my shoot ideas change before the final look.

I think the last time I ever did a Pre Raphaelite shoot was when I was doing my first fine art GCSE and I was focusing on all the great painters of that time. This was just before I began to take interest in photography. I used my sister for the shoot for that and she was only eight! Unfortunately I've lost the pictures from that time (Which I suppose is a good thing as I'd probably be in danger of cringing!)


  1. Absolutely gorgeous! I love the Pre-Raphelite inspiration and the contrast of the model's auburn hair with the pale lavender gown. =)

  2. You look like a fairy! Wonderful pictures! I really like your hair color:)
    I'm following you definitely:P
    Hugs and kisses

  3. I like so much how you show your style is so inspiring.