Monday, 26 March 2012

Two Dresses - Part 1 Green

This photo shoot all started with two vintage dresses - one was a 60s, bright green dress and the other was a 50s, lilac ball gown. This is the first of the two. Both shoots are completely different but were taken on the same day. Thankfully the weather was brilliantly sunny, which was just what we needed.

Quick anecdote about the first shot - I told my model to go and stand by a door which fitted in nicely with the style, and to hold the knocker to make it look as if she was wanting to go in. I started shooting and it was all going very well until a couple of minutes later an old women came to the door looking very confused and asked what we wanted. I apologised profusely and explained what we were doing.

So, for these shots I had in mind a vague picture of David Bailey's shots of Jean Shrimpton in New York (Vogue 1962). I wanted to get the same quality of picture but less stylised.
I actually found after shooting this that the dress that my model was wearing wasn't very far off the one that Karen Gillian was wearing when posing as Jean Shrimpton in the TV drama 'We'll Take Manhattan'. Coincidence? 

Watch out for the next dress coming soon!


  1. I like your dress! Mayby you'll want to follow echa other by google?:) Please let me know on my blog:)

  2. I remember seeing that very dress! I love the whole sixties' era and you have captured it so well, especially in the phone box photos and the first stunning walking shot.