Friday, 28 October 2011

The Attic

As you might have noticed, the style of these new shots has changed pretty drastically. This is because I’ve edited them in different ways due to using some new software called LightRoom. I was trying to work my way around the tools and this is what came out. The question is though, does the software make an improvement to the shots? Or do we like the original, old-style way?

For this shoot, my model and I went to my grandparents' house (accompanied by a travel suitcase of clothes). This was a slight de-ja-vu I suppose, since I have used my grandparents' house for a shoot once before in the post ‘Summer Garden’ with Roz Jana modeling.

There are many reasons for why I love their house: the memories of growing up there, the annual Christmas get-together with the whole family that is hosted there, and simply the vintage qualities of the house itself and its decor. If anyone was to ask me to pick a spot in the entire world where I feel most content and safe, it would be that house.

So, obviously, I had to use it again - this time with an entirely different theme and model. Come to think of it however, there was no theme to inspire the shoot. This was one of those on-the-spot shoots where I have the model, the clothes and the house, put them all together and shoot on the spot.

I guess initially I was inspired by this image of Tim Walker's that I stumbled across:

I loved how the room was so messy and that the model was stood in the midst of all this. Of course I couldn't mess up the room and break things (although I was tempted to for the effect), it was just lucky that the house had one room that was so cluttered.

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