Saturday, 13 August 2011

The Nature Of Spain

When in Spain... Laze on the beach all day and get a very nice tan!

Whilst in Spain, I enjoyed the most relaxing ten days I’ve had all year. The weather on the whole was hot and humid. There was, however, one rainy day, but that was in the morning. By the evening it was dry and hot enough to step outside.

Obviously the weather for coming back to good-old England welcomed us back with cloudy skies. When traveling above the clouds on the ride back, the sun was a beautiful pinky shade. But then as we descended into England, we went through miles of cloud, which only amounted to eventual rain hitting the windows of the plain. I must admit it was a shocking change from the previous sweltering and sunny skies of Spain. 

Oh well. We are British! We must carry on with a Stiff upper lip.

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