Friday, 4 July 2014

Writer's Block (Part 1)

I wanted to do a shoot based on a 1940/50s struggling writer. Drawing inspiration from trailers for The Broken Tower and researching 1940s writers, I quickly created an idea. Luckily, as I am a tad bit of a vintage hoarder, for the shoot I already had two typewriters, various and many antique books, hip flasks, dip pens and ink, etc. Obviously, there was no one better for the job than the lovely model from my Peaky Blinders Inspired Shoot (<< Click the link, you will not be disappointed!). He turned up on my doorstep looking more like Edward Norton from The Painted Veil than anything else, holding a bag of crisp, white shirts, trousers and roll necks. 

This is the first half of a two-part shoot - Keep an eye out for the second part!

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