Saturday, 3 August 2013



And we're back.

Finally got around to doing another fashion shoot with Bala Piti, my lovely model from THIS post who incidentally is now featured on the Motel website for her modeling for I Love Crafty. Click HERE to check it out!

So I recently got a lovely new lens for my camera and I'd been desperate to try it out in a shoot. The differences between my new and old lenses was ridiculous. These images required hardly any editing all - just a minuscule amount of brightening! 

We began shooting but the lighting was so bright that it was difficult to see the image results. I found a bit of shade as we changed location an glanced down at the screen. I blinked (What?! Oh my god!) and began pushing the screen to the model saying "Look! Look!"

Well, its safe to say that we where both very pleased with the outcome!

Top and skirt are from BS8
Sunglasses are ripoffs from Grease.

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