Friday, 25 November 2011

Birthday Commission Shoot

This was a special shoot in a way because my model more or less commissioned me to do these shots for her birthday. Coincidentally though, I was in fact going to ask her to model for me anyway, she just beat me to the punch.

My model brought her own clothes to the shoot but the scarf-wrap-thing is something that I had been storing for a while whilst I waited for the right shoot to use it in - turns out she was the model I had been waiting for.

So, I hope you enjoy these and a very Happy Birthday to my model!

For the commission, this is the image my model sent to me to give me some inspiration for the shoot. I believe the shot is from America's Next Top Model.


  1. I love how strong these images are - some of my favourites of yours so far actually. You really get a sense of her character!

  2. Beautiful! Really striking. The first two are my favourite. :)