Sunday, 17 July 2011

Photo Shoot With Cousins

I did a shoot today with my cousins Bala Piti and Mahli Piti. These beautiful cousins of mine are half Thai and extremely photogenic.

For this particular shoot, we used some very dated vintage items obtained from my Grandma who has been collecting vintage clothing for years and dating right back to when furs where legal (and accepted).

When preparing for this particular shoot, me and my models went to my Grandma's house and rooted through her many drawers and cases of clothing. It took us a whole afternoon before we had finally found the items that suited each model. We then went to my Auntie's house to do the shoot itself. Her house interested me the most since, although the decor of the house was no longer Georgian, there were still aspects of it that had remained, such as the wonderful antique bathroom and bedroom.

I have to say, the photos came out great!

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  1. There girls are stunning and the photos look great! Kudos to all of you!