Tuesday, 28 June 2011

Birdman: Winning Entry

I submitted this shot into a competition on twitter (Hosted by Paul Groom Photography) which had the subject title of 'Out Of This World' and after the submission deadline, I found that I had won!

The composition of this shot was actually spontaneous. I was walking back off a beach in normandy (France) with my camera when I heard something strange. Turning, I saw a man walking behind me holding the sail of a wind surfer (I assume that this is what he is holding.) He looked so obscure that I simply had to take a shot. I don't actually think he saw me taking the picture - and my french was so rusty that I was not about to explain to him as I'd probably end up saying something along the lines of 'Will you feed my cat, she has a frog on her head?' - but I am thankful to him as he won me the competition. So, if your out there Man In The Shot, i sincerely thank you. Or as the french would say - Merci!

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