Monday, 28 June 2010

Pets At Home

These are just the cutest animals!

The kitten is just seven months old and has only just grasped the idea of stepping outside. She is a tabby cat, and ironically, is named 'Tabby (or Tabitha, as my mother likes to call her.)

Whilst the guinea-pig is three years old - a grandpa to Tabby - and experienced in the ways of the world. His name is 'Prince' (No, not after the singer.) And when his belly is full of lettuce, he lays on his side, letting his big belly flop onto the floor beside him. He is so old that I feel he should be sitting around, smoking Cuban cigars and contemplating the lettuce he had that day. Well, he's got the 'sitting around' bit down to a T. Now all he needs are the cigars...

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